How to learn a new skill?

Imagination is the online space for enhancing the creativity of kids. Do you know the interests of your kids? Or do you try to improvise their skills? No one is grown up with inborn talents until you practice it. Mastering in any creative skills, to draw like a perfect artist, to create an interesting story, to be a poet, all needs practice. Practice is said to a repeated action to improvise the particular activity with more ease, speed and with confidence. Effective practice is consistent, intensely focused and automatic done. Some simple tips to improve your skills are as follows.

  •  Study more and then practice. Before you start practicing, read and compare your work with that of experts in your field and you will notice areas that need improvement. Example, before you start writing a story, read at least one classics and how well they execute each moment.
  •  Teach someone what you learn. This is the best way to learn one activity. Try explaining it and show a presentation to a friend. It will improvise your confidence in another level and get more feedback in the area you need to improve.
  •  Get a companion. It will be more interesting and fun loving to have a partner to share your experience that has the same area of interests.
  •  Spend more time in the area you lack confidence. If you find any area found to be difficult, then allocate time in it more.

For more tips check this video and upload the skills in the form Drawings, Stories, Poems, Articles and Videos on our website of your kids.

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