How to make your kid’s vacation an effective one?

For Schools in UAE, Winter break starts next week.Imagination is in full mode to make kids time in a creative manner. To take an off from the exams and home works, children are free for this month. We can make the vacation in an effective and fruitful way. Children are more energetic and eager to learn new things during holidays. Let’s make these days into fun-loving and in an educational way. Some simple ways are to make the winter vacation to an effective one are as follows.

  • Reading: For molding a kid’s character, reading plays an integral role. It improves kids vocabulary, memory skills, stress reduction and above all knowledge gaining. Open an account in the nearby library for your kids and engage them to read.
  • Writing: Support and appreciate your kid to keep a diary for writing. When you go for a trip, tell your kid to write a travelogue about the days they spend. If they miss something, help them by providing new ideas like new words, phrases to the writings.
  • Decision making: Try to teach your kid, to help you in all works you have done like cooking, shopping, physical activities etc. During shopping, tell them to calculate the total amount and this will help to understand learn maths and numbers. Cooking helps to learn about the measurements, organization skills etc.
  •  Winter Camps: There is so many arts club in UAE for kids to enhance the creative skills. Join them in one of the clubs.It will help them to improve the communication skills with other kids, sharing skills will improve, creativity skills etc.
  •  Research in online websites: There are a large number of educational website for kids to learn things in a fun mode. For improving kids creativity online sites like imagination will provide a platform for kids to emboss their skills.

Vacation is for fun and extracurricular activities.Let them enjoy the fullest and what we can do is show the ways to make interesting.

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