Is Technology Killing Creativity in Kids?

When was the last time you play with your kids? Do you remember the last time you tell a story to your child? We all become the digital babysitters to stay our kids indoors. We don’t know the side effects we are doing to our children.

Technology is not killing the kid’s creativity, but it makes them lazy. Gadgets took a lot of time and it leaves no time to think, to get to know you. How many kids are daydreamers today? Daydreaming leads to curiosity. But the curiosities are solved with a click in the gadget. The ideas shared by someone is spoon-fed by your kids. In this generation, all kids need is25mbps internet connection and junk food. Kids are addicted to smartphones and they don’t even know how to talk anymore.

As Albert Einstein says “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. Yes, the days are here. Expressions of words are changed to emojis and views are changed to like, share etc. Kids forgot to talk with anyone and don’t know how to maintain a good relationship with all. Good communication leads to good creativity and it will lead to a good writer or an artist.

What we can do is talk to them and understands their interests and give them a platform to enhance the talents. Imagination is an online space for kid’s creativity. Let them think, discover a writer or an artist with your kids.

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