Why to write a Poem?

Well, it’s really a good question. Why we need poetry? To express our creativity and imagination, we have stories, arts, crafts etc. What is the importance of a poem in a kid’s life? Other than to win in the competition, if you think your kid can start writing poem, encourage them and add on our website. We will help to share it maximum and motivate them.

  •  Writing Poetry allows your kids to express their thoughts and emotion. There is so much freedom to express, self-satisfaction will earn through poetry writing. Perhaps, reading a poem makes someone more emotional.
  •  Poetry helps your kids to get in touch with their artistic mind while playing with words. Writing a poem will enhance not only the vocabulary skills of a kid. But also the phrases, rhyming words, nouns, verbs etc. Help your kids to add more words to their poems and correct the mistakes if any.
  •  Helps your kid to improve the thinking capability and creative mind. As all know, poems cannot be written in a long line and it should be creative.
  •  Explore the world of poetry with your kids and talk about the types of poems. Understand the area of interests in them and encourage them to read more about it and help them to write.

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